General Terms of sale

Supplying is made by following the terms clearly written on the order confirmation. For the items which have not been expressly agreed, the general conditions herewith described have to be considered as the valid ones.

The quantities, shown on our confirmations, are merely approximate, and on them the tolerances of use are admitted. Only the indicative weight on the Bill of Collection has a validity to all intents and purposes.

All the goods we supply are ex works , except in case where it has been agreed otherwise. Thus, the product travels at the Purchaser peril and at his own risk and IRCE denies all liability for it, even if the price includes the transport up to delivery place. The Receiver has the task to verify the quantity and the conditions of the goods at their arrival, before any release. In case of lack of material, failures or suspicious failures, it is compulsory for the Receiver to write the due reservations on the Delivery Note or on the Waybill.

The packaging, if requested or needed, will be invoiced at the agreed price. In case of invoiced packagings, they should return within 12 months from the Delivery Note, ex work our warehouse. Beyond that deadline, the packagings will be considered as sold and they cannot be returned anymore.

The shown delivery terms have to be considered as approximate and without any obligation. A possible delay does not give any right for indemnity nor for interests, except when it has been differently agreed.

In case any accidental impediment happens, not depending on our will or caused by force majeure, we have the right to suspend or to revoke all or partially the commitments related to the supply we've received. Because of the reasons we explained above, the partial cancellation or the suspension for the commitments linked to the supply we've received, does not exempt the Customer from the duty of accepting or paying the already prepared goods.

All claims will be considered only if they have been put down on paper within 30 days from the acceptance of the goods. When the claims involve non-fulfilments, products or material faults, hidden or clearly evident, real and recognized by IRCE; we have to replace the product which has been acknowledged as non corresponding with the taken agreements (as quickly as possible). That is confirmed only if the non-compliant product returns back to IRCE without having had any violation nor processing. It goes without saying that it is never accepted that the customer has the right to totally or partially delete the order, nor to have any kind of indemnity, nor to have the suspension of the payment for the refuted party.

The prices of the order confirmation are based on the current prices, so they could be reviewed and changed, in case any variation is going to happen from today since the delivery period.

The payments have to be done at our Headquarter of Imola within the expiry date of payment. The delay in paying any invoice, even partially, makes any agreed discount fall and let us apply immediately the interests on arrears at the usual bank rate (for overdraft).

In case of default on payments, we have the right to undertake any other action, as well as the one to ask for payment in advance for our remaining credits. Furthermore, we have the right to rescind the present agreement, without that the customer makes any claim for fees nor indemnities.

All the sold products belong to IRCE since they have not been entirely paid.

In case of any kind of controversy arising from the supply we've taken in charge, only the competence of the juridical authority of Bologna is recognized, both from our side as from the buyer. This competence is considered as binding even in case of warranty and in case of continence of cause. Each exceptional condition which is not present in the general terms of sale does not have any validity without a written agreement among the parties.